We protect you from smartphone driven hazards.

Introducing reeSENSE – the first smartphone case that protects you.

About us

Khaled Alhayek

Head of Software

Jannis Reuter

Head of Business

Ghufran Khan

Head of Hardware

InProSa Technology was found in April 2018 with the aim to raise social awareness for technology driven risks in daily life. Our journey started in the beginning of 2017 when we realized that heavy smartphone usage in public is an underrated safety concern. Therefore we started developing a solution to reduce pedestrian accidents due to distracted walking and as time went by we found out that smartphone usage comes with way more risks than we initially thought. Another major concern that is still widely unknown but on a rise for years now is the so called “texting thumb” or thumb tendonitis. It basically describes pain in the tendons located around the base of the thumb. With both problems in mind, we came up with our first product idea – reeSENSE.

Our Mission

Smartphones are, without a doubt, an enrichment for our daily life. But people tend to underestimate the risks that naturally come with life-changing achievements like that. After the first deaths caused by smartphone distraction, the public started realizing the threat and governments got involved with adding street signs, tagging walkways or pass laws. But what we think is crucial and what we want to achieve is a change in mindset. We want everyone to be aware of the hazards. We want everyone with a smartphone to realize that careless usage in public can cost lives. That heavy usage can cost pain and long-term harm. And that it is very easy to protect yourself and to behave responsible.

Coming soon!

The first smartphone case that protects you and your phone.

Distracted walking

We use smartphones everywhere at any time. We play, read & text while walking across streets, leading to a dangerous lack of attention for our surrounding.

This results in...

collisions daily worldwide
0 %
US Americans already involved

Texting thumb

Our thumbs are not used to excessively execute movements like scrolling and typing on mobile devices. As a result we start experiencing pain in our tendons.

Studies show...

0 %
report regular thumb fatigue
0 %
had thumb pain in last 5 years

Our solution...

Collision prevention assistent

Get notified before it is too late

Two integrated sensors collect data that enable our algorithm to warn you as soon as an object comes in your way.

Touchpad control

Relieve your thumb

Use your fingers on the back of the smartphone to control it by using the mini touchpad.

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